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Since the advent of the backyard string and cups phone we’ve enjoyed an unprecedented expansion and integration of telecommunications in our lives. I personally remember times when there were no mobile phones and if you really want to go back I remember when there was no color TV. I’m only 33 years old, which is a terrifically fast technological change. I’m constantly told by friends, family and business associates how good it was before mobile phones. No constant messaging and calls, no constant need to answer the phone.As an electronic engineer myself I understand electro-dynamics and the atomic phenomenon and physics, I also understand the danger of radiation and the effects it can have on a person. You see radiation is not a substance or mass, it is an effect an actual dispersion of normal atomic structure. There are certain effects from it on organisms and elements. They can be a source of your research. I can account my direct observations and I can say I’ve seen the effects radiation has had on people.I have worked in Nokia’s GSM manufacturing and testing areas, Telstra’s metro and rural base-station sites and, massive corporate remote monitoring buildings. I was trained as Senior Telecommunications Technical Officer by a man who I hold a great respect for. He used to ride a horse through the WA interior fixing and commissioning landline phones. The stories he told were wondrous and undeniably faithful to the true rigours of Australian rural life. My last boss who I also greatly admire was the State Supervisor for managing the AC, DC, UPS and diesel generator backup power systems for the telecommunications. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Before his role as State Supervisor he was an outback radio technician, commissioning, fixing and testing the site-to-site repeater stations across the WA interior. He was constantly on the mobile phone; rarely did I see him without the mobile to his ear as he managed many interior contractors on top of his supervising duties.This is easily dismissed by those who haven’t the education in this field, but does not deter me from telling my side of the story to you. The carrier frequency used to transmit mobile phone signals is the similar frequency that is used in a microwave to heat and cook food.My intention is not to scare or vindicate my opinions and observations given above. My intention is to show you that although many a corporation and representative will advocate a product, rarely do they know what its real effects and dangers are, whether they’re deemed acceptable or not. It is simply not their job. Those whose job it is are not accountable and have their responsibility negated by political and commercial policies. These policies are the result of heavily vested interest groups that are enabled purely by the fact of overwhelming seats of power, whether by money or inheritance.My personal and professional advice to those who take the time to read this is to treat this technology with the respect it is due, keep your phones a good 1 meter away from you when you sleep and don’t use them unless it is necessary. Use a landline if it is nearby. The advent and increased use of the SMS facility is a good thing in my opinion, it has allowed a relief from over usage.Although we would like to speak of lighter and happier things when we talk of our grand burst in communications technology, it is a fact that there is much left behind unfinished, it should be finished before it is given to people to use like a fork at the dinner table.

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